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Surf Vocabulary: A Beginners Guide

Surf Vocabulary: A Beginners Guide     A beginners guide to surf vocabulary   Barrel A tube inside a breaking wave underneath the lip or crest of a hollow wave. A surfer may be completely hidden from view during the barrell ride. One of the best maneuvers in surfing but very difficult to complete due[…]

How Surfing With Surf Camp Improves Health

How Surfing Improves Your Health   Cardiovascular and heart health Surfing uses mostly upper body muscles while paddling and leg muscles to pop-up on the board, making it a great cardiovascular workout. While the majority of the time you spend surfing you will be using your upper body to paddle out making it most prominently[…]

Surf Camp San Diego – Surfing Etiquette Basics

The Basics of Surfing Etiquette by Surf Camp San Diego   While there are many unwritten rules to surfing here are the basics that you should know before hitting the waves with Surf Camp San Diego! Without these rules surfing would be chaos and we don’t want that in our San Diego waters! These rules[…]

Can I wear contact lenses surfing? | Surf Camp

Our surf instructors are often asked the tricky question, “Can I wear contact lenses surfing?”     While optometrists will always advise against wearing any kind of contact lenses surfing we understand that it can be frustrating to not be able to see clearly while surfing. Keeping the optometrist’s recommendation in mind, let’s discuss your options.[…]

How To Prepare For Your First Surf Lesson at Surf Camp San Diego

Get ahead of the pack before your Surf Camp in San Diego. Start your surfing lessons early with the following tips!     Practice your pop-up technique   Get a head start by practicing your pop-up technique before you meet up with our instructors on the beach. The good thing is you can practice your pop-up technique almost anywhere[…]

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