Cancellation Liability

Please note that a booking is considered cancelled even if you wish to make a new reservation for other dates.

If you feel it necessary to cancel your vacation, or change the week when you would like to come, then we will refund any payments made to us as long as you give us 30 days notice and depending on availability will work with you on new chosen dates if need to change to different dates.

If we do not have enough time to resell your place then we will not be able to refund you so it is important that you have adequate travel insurance to cover any amounts that you have paid to us. The most common reason for last minute cancellation’s are personal injury or a death in the family, so we advise that you check your insurer will cover you in these instances. If your stay at Surf Camp San Diego has to be cancelled by us but due to reasons beyond our control (like a natural disaster for example), Surf Camp San Diego is not liable for any refunds or travel costs so it’s also important that your travel insurance should cover “operator cancellations”, which most standard policies do.


Since last minute injuries, illnesses, work emergencies, or deaths in the family unfortunately do happen, we HIGHLY recommend travel insurance. A travel insurance plan will reimburse you for the surf camp, airfare, and other non-refundable expenses. There are a lot of companies offering this service online. Please get in touch.