Frequently Asked Questions

All year round! Please click on the calendar to check the availability of the week of your preference.

We accept all major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

Follow the “Book Now” tab and select the date and time that works best for you! From there, follow the easy step by step pages to book your session with SURF CAMP SAN DIEGO.

Yes of course! Please visit to ascertain more information.

To be included in the surf lessons, children must be seven years of age or older.

We are extremely fortunate in San Diego to have beautiful weather all year round! Temperatures range from 65 to 85 degrees (Fahrenheit), with rainfall occurring only approximately 15 days out of the 365 calendar year!

Please contact administrative staff prior to your trip to check on the availability.

The great thing about Surf Camp San Diego is we provide all of your equipment. Wet suits (Spring and Full), Lycra UV Protection Rash guards, Surf boards, and leashes. (If you are an intermediate surfer or would like to learn to surf your short own short board we recommend bringing this as you will get the most out of learning on your own board that you can continue to practice on after camp). All you will really need is your bikini or board shorts and lots of sunblock to protect your beautiful faces.

We recommend that you pop along to your local pharmacy and buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol. If you rub it on your knees, ribs and hips for a couple of days before you come, it stops you getting too sore (walkers do this to stop them getting blisters on their feet). It’s also great to bring along with you on your vacation.

San Diego is a very laid back beach city where the common wardrobe is flip flops and tees. If you plan on venturing out to the nightlife in Downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp District we highly advise you to pack a nice button up shirt (men) skirt/dress (women) and nicer shoes as most downtown restaurants/bars and nightclubs are not flip flop friendly come nightfall.

Depending on the month you come to San Diego you will need a sweatshirt and jeans for the night as it cools of significantly. Mainly during November-April. But we recommend packing a light jacket and or sweatshirt even during the summer months.

Yes! Reservations for this can be booked at

The ratio of students to instructors will be 4 students to every 1 instructor.

You will be flying into San Diego International Airport. More information can be obtained through their website:

It is recommended that you book one month in advance. Please utilize the calendar or feel free to give us a call to assess availability at any time of the year.

We surf twice a day and the timing of the sessions is dependent on conditions however a typical day might look like this:
7 am breakfast,
8 -8:30 am surf session,
10:30 am yoga or other activity,
12 pm lunch, chill time,
4 surf pm
6:30 dinner.

Depending on the package you choose, we provide Breakfast and Dinner vouchers to locally tailored restaurants where you will be able to choose your meals depending on your appetite.

The Surf Camp San Diego rooms are double occupancy with the exception to a private room at a difference in cost. (Inquire within) Which means we would never pair you with a person not of your own gender. Females with Females, and Males with Males. This why we encourage signing up with a friend or family member.

We always try to sure that you are sharing with someone that you feel comfortable with and will get on well with.
As a couple, you will have your own private room by default.

Yes you do. You should always have medical insurance whenever you travel. Your medical insurance must cover you while you are surfing. It must also cover you in the event that you require emergency evacuation or repatriation.

We strongly advise that you always have travel insurance as it covers your costs in the event that you have to miss some, or all of your trip but are not eligible for a refund from us under our cancellation policy.

We cannot allow guests to surf if they are pregnant. If you become pregnant between the time that you book and when you come to stay with us, then we will not be able to refund you unless we can resell your place as per our usual cancellation policy.

Yes. When booking more than one person with you will receive higher discounts as the number of surfers goes up. Two surfers $250 off Three Surfers $350 off and 4 or more surfers $450 off (extreme package pricing) Please inquire within for pricing for weekend drop in discounts.