How To Prepare For Your First Surf Lesson at Surf Camp San Diego

November 26, 2016

Get ahead of the pack before your Surf Camp in San Diego. Start your surfing lessons early with the following tips!

Practice your pop-up technique

Get a head start by practicing your pop-up technique before you meet up with our instructors on the beach. The good thing is you can practice your pop-up technique almost anywhere – not just on the beach!

Beginning to master this technique will give you a head start. Our surf instructors at your Surf Camp in San Diego will be able to help you improve your pop-up technique more once you get to the beach.

Here are the steps you can practice:

Lying down, place your hands up by your chest as if you are doing a press-up, board width apart.

In one flowing movement, jump up into a crouched standing position as quickly as you can by pushing yourself upwards using your arms and bringing your legs under your body.

Make sure your body is turned during this movement so your feet and body are now facing out away from the board.

Remember, practice makes perfect!Get your head in the waves!

Surfing is about living in the moment. Being immersed in the ocean with the sound of crashing waves around you. Allowing all of your expectations and worries disappear.  Allow yourself to have no judgement and have fun with the process of learning how to surf. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stand up on your first wave.

As you progress through your Surf Camp in San Diego you will be standing up on a wave in no time. Let go of all of your frustrations, disappointments and complaints. The less you stress, the better you will surf!


Surfing requires you to be able to paddle-out, push yourself up off the board to stand up and balance. Keeping fit before your surf lesson will mean your body will have the best chance of performing well out on the waves. We recommend interval training to help you prepare for your surfing lesson. You can ask your surf instructors during your Surf Camp in San Diego more about maintaining your fitness during your lessons!Familiarize yourself with rip currents

A rip current or rip tide is a powerful, fast-moving channel of water that moves directly away from the shore and cuts through the lines of breaking waves. Remember to look for these characteristics when identifying rip tides in the ocean:

Firstly, there may be a line of seaweed debris that is flowing steadily out to sea.

Secondly, you may notice a choppy channel of water, and thirdly, a disrupted pattern of incoming waves.

By remembering these characteristics you should be able to avoid getting yourself in a rip current.

If you do however, find yourself in a rip current, don’t try to fight against the current, as the ocean is very powerful. Let the tide take you out or swim parallel to the shore. If you swim parallel to the beach you should be able to get yourself out of the rip current.

Your surf instructors at your Surf Camp in San Diego will remind you about this and identify any rip currents before you enter the ocean.


Some recommend not eating at least 90-120 minutes before your lesson.

Now you are ready to begin your surfing adventure with our Surf Camp in San Diego.

Located on the sprawling coast of America’s Finest City, San Diego is the birthplace of Southern California surfing. Our highly experienced surf coaches develop a personal program catering to your specific skill level. Focus is directed to each individuals surfing style, strengths, weaknesses and areas of needed refinement. In addition to top tier surf coaching we also provide many other services and amenities in our inclusive packages. Prepare yourself for five-star beach front accommodations, healthy meals, photo and video review, daily yoga, stand up paddle boarding, bike and sunset tours, and most importantly private massage.

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