Surf Camp San Diego – Surfing Etiquette Basics

December 3, 2016

While there are many unwritten rules to surfing here are the basics that you should know before hitting the waves with Surf Camp San Diego! Without these rules surfing would be chaos and we don’t want that in our San Diego waters!

These rules give each individual surfer the best chance at riding some good waves and avoiding an accident or collision with another surfer.

Don’t drop in on another surfer

The surfer closest to the peak has right of way

Paddling surfer yields to surfer riding wave

Don’t ditch your board

Don’t steal other surfers waves

Now you are ready to begin your surfing adventure with Surf Camp San Diego.

Located on the sprawling coast of America’s Finest City, San Diego is the birthplace of Southern California surfing. Our highly experienced surf coaches develop a personal program catering to your specific skill level. Focus is directed to each individuals surfing style, strengths, weaknesses and areas of needed refinement. In addition to top tier surf coaching we also provide many other services and amenities in our inclusive packages. Prepare yourself for five-star beach front accommodations, healthy meals, photo and video review, daily yoga, stand up paddle boarding, bike and sunset tours, and most importantly private massage.

Get ahead of the pack before your Surf Camp in San Diego. Start your surfing lessons early with the following tips! Read more.

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