About Us | Surf Camp San Diego


Surf Camp San Diego is a premier all inclusive surf camp in San Diego, California. We are passionate about sharing our lifestyle and our culture in a laid back and friendly atmosphere. We strive to provide excellent service and unforgettable memories. Our staff is dedicated to making you the best surfer you can be using the latest training techniques and theories. Enjoy activities that we, as locals, appreciate and utilize in our daily lives. The goal is to deliver complete immersion into our active, fun and desirable California lifestyle with the highest quality surf camp package with beach front accommodations at your fingertips. Come share the stoke with us!


Our unique approach to coaching is based on the implementation of an individualized curriculum designed to best meet the specific needs of every diverse surfer. Whether you are just beginning surfer, or have been affluent for years, we can design a plan and goal set tailored just for you! Beginning with the foundations of board design, swell forecasting, wave reading and physics, and surfing etiquette, and expanding to the specifics of body movement, turning and board control, paddling techniques, and board agility, San Diego Surf Camp aims to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience. By providing the aforementioned technical approach, we are able to give you a better and more intimate understanding of the physics of surfing, providing the most efficient and efficacious improvement in your skill set.


Located on the sprawling coast of gorgeous California, Surf Camp San Diego is home to some of the best and most historic waves on the Southern California coast. We offer our students higher levels of surfing competency rather than traditional surf lessons. Our highly qualified surf coaches create individualized curriculums to target specific skills and mechanisms to take both beginner and experienced surfers to the next level. Simply purchase your flights and Surf Camp San Diego takes care of the rest; providing Trip Advisor Top Rated on the beach accommodations, meals*, advanced surf instruction, daily video/photo reviews, in room massage, yoga, stand up paddle boarding, various tours, night life recommendations and local attraction visits.