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If you're looking for a unique and exciting summer activity for your kids and teens, consider signing them up for the wilderness survival camp offered by Wild Ventures. With expert guides and instructors, and a focus on developing practical skills for survival in the great outdoors, Wild Ventures offers an unforgettable experience for all participants.

During the camp, your children will learn essential skills such as building shelters, starting fires, finding food and water, and navigating the wilderness. In addition to these practical skills, they will also gain a deep appreciation for the natural world and learn about the importance of conservation and responsible environmental practices.

At Wild Ventures, safety is always a top priority, and all activities are carefully monitored by trained and experienced instructors. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing an unforgettable experience for all participants, Wild Ventures is the perfect choice for your family's summer adventure.

Discover the Ultimate Surfing Experience in San Diego with Our Camps!

Our surf camp is designed to be an immersive experience, allowing you to build your skills, gain confidence in the water, and make new friends. We'll teach you the basics of surfing, including how to read the waves and practice proper technique, and we'll ensure that you stay safe at all times.

At Pacific Surf School, we pride ourselves on our small student-to-instructor ratio. This means that you'll receive personalized instruction tailored to your skill level, and you'll have plenty of one-on-one time with your instructor. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced surfer looking to take your skills to the next level, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

We have 3 types of Surf Camps for you.

We provide various surf camp options that cater to your specific requirements.

Our packages come with all the necessary gear, including surfboards, wetsuits, UV protection rash guards, and leashes.

Please note that we require a minimum of three participants to conduct a surf camp. In case of low enrollment, and the surf camp cannot proceed, we will refund your registration fees in full.

Minimum of 3 participants.

If for any reason surf camp does not run due to low enrollment, registration fees will be fully refunded.
Bring Sun Block, Towel, Lots of Water & Snacks.
*Children attending full day, please provide lunch and snacks for them.
Pizza Party and Award Ceremony Included on all 5 day camps.


Monday to Wednesday | 9am to 12pm
$ 297 per person

Surfing is a thrilling water sport that kids and teenagers can experience through Surf Camp. During the three-day camp, participants will be introduced to the basics of surfing, such as ocean awareness, water safety, riding techniques, and proper etiquette.
  • ALL EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Surfboard, Wetsuit, UV protection rash guard and Leash


Monday to Friday | 9am to 12pm
$ 434 per person

Make the most of your child's summer by enrolling them in our Summer Surf Program. At Pacific Surf, we prioritize building confidence in our students every step of the way.

  • ALL EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Surfboard, Wetsuit, UV protection rash guard and Leash


Monday to Friday | 9am to 3pm
$ 814 per person

For children and teenagers looking to maximize their surfing potential and socialize with like-minded individuals, our Surf Camp is the perfect choice. Over the course of five full days, your child will not only learn and enhance their surfing skills but also forge new friendships.
  • ALL EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Surfboard, Wetsuit, UV protection rash guard and Leash


Surf Camp San Diego

Introducing your children to the excitement of surfing has never been easier with our San Diego surf camps, catering to ages 7-17. Our skilled and knowledgeable instructors prioritize safety and proper technique when teaching, ensuring that your child develops a solid foundation in surfing. With customized lessons for each individual's skill level, every student can progress at their own pace. Instructors work with a maximum of 4 students, allowing for ample one-on-one attention while learning the art of surfing.

To enhance the bond between participants, we provide pizza on Wednesdays for all attendees. For those enrolled in the 5-day surf camp, we wrap up the week with a friendly competition, giving students the opportunity to showcase their newfound skills. Each participant will receive an official Pacific Surf School t-shirt as a memento of their exciting and unforgettable experience.

Know another Camps

Interested in boogie boarding but not a fan of surfing? We have got you covered with our boogie board camps! These camps are a perfect alternative to surf camps, especially for young kids who want to spend their summer having fun, exercising, building confidence, and learning about the ocean. With bodyboarding, you get to enjoy a safe and easy-to-learn water sport that is also accessible to people with physical limitations.