How Surfing With Surf Camp Improves Health

December 3, 2016

Cardiovascular and heart health

Surfing uses mostly upper body muscles while paddling and leg muscles to pop-up on the board, making it a great cardiovascular workout. While the majority of the time you spend surfing you will be using your upper body to paddle out making it most prominently a great core workout.

Mental health

Surfing is a great way to escape the stress and pressure of everyday life. This makes it an excellent way to improve your mental health. The physical exertion it requires also benefits your mental health significantly. Surfing can provide an outlet for you to release stress and it forces you to live in the moment, letting you forget about all of your problems and worries.

Improved sleep quality

Most people don’t realize that getting a good night’s sleep is an essential component to living a healthy lifestyle. Sleep allows your muscles to repair themselves and for your body to rest in preparation for the next day. As surfing is a good workout and requires physical exertion it therefore increases the positive benefits of sleep.

Increased flexibility

Surfing regularly will help you increase your flexibility and the more your flexibility improves the better at surfing you will become. In turn, having good flexibility also aids in the prevention of injuries.

Muscle strengthening

Surfing provides a good full body workout. In particular strengthening your back and shoulder muscles when paddling and your leg muscles when you pop-up. As surfing also requires good balance it makes it a great core strengthener as well!

Vitamin D

Surfing when the UV index is low and being out in the sun will give your body vitamin D which is an important vitamin for strong bones.

Surf Camp San Diego

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